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Rich Scangarello

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Is not being renewed by the Eagles. He comes from the Kyle Shannahan coaching tree and runs the Shannahan offense.  I think this is the best offensive scheme in the NFL for most QBs. Its based on a superior zone run game and is very QB friendly.  

Scangarello was the Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator in 2019. He was a last minute emergency hire here during the summer from SF. It is rumored that Kyle did not want to let Scangarello go (I believe he was the 49ers QB coach) but he did the favor for Elway and the Broncos.

He did struggle a bit for the first part of the season as it was his first time calling plays and the entire offense was new to the team. Denver also switched QBs a few times. Bottom line is, by the time Drew Lock (as a rookie) came in, Scangarello went 4-1 with him as a starter and the Denver offense looked its best in a few years.  

Unfortunately, Vic Fangio needed a fall guy at the end of the season and since Scangarello wasn't "his" hire, Scangarello was let go. Now, after the Denver/Drew Lock struggles of 2020 under new offensive coordinator Pat Schurmer, most radio hosts and media covering the team wish they had retained Scangarello.  

Depending on who the Jets hire as a HC, if it is not an offensive minded coach, Scangarello would be an excellent interview for the Offensive coordinator job.  He is young, has worked well with a rookie QB, runs an excellent scheme, and took some of the first time play calling lumps already for Denver. Doesn't have to be the hire. Just saying we should take a good hard look.  

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