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a minor report from tc today...jetcane where are you...

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i have a feeling people will be begging for jetcane after reading this

but hey i tried

so here we go

roster notes -31 is barlow ,82 is that new te we signed(i know i thought i was seeing things 2 cause posiak is hurt but i guess if you are on ir you'r number is fair game)

ok qb notes from today

pennington threw a few deep balls for cotchery (he cought them all

ramsey beautiful pass to number 4 mario hill

clemens was running a lot of laps today

did not see bollinger

running backs

barlow was on the sideline today

blaylock a few nice runs

housten did not look that good today

that is all i remember sorry

now for the autograph report of the day

barlow was signing today very nice guy a lot of welcome to new york for him

blaylock housten j martin askew moa tutt also signed today

kimo signed for a good 20 min

clemens signed

wallace wright was signing in the tent

also got drew coleman eric coleman jovan johnson (told him welcome back and good luck)that gave him a laugh ...nugent dressen ben g

******* of the day sorry issac snell but it is you...stood up people in the tent never showed

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Hey JR128, thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear that Pennington looked good.

We should compile stats on what everyone thought abotu Chad yesterday. Seemed to be mixed reviews between good and rusty.

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