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Need some last minute help (draft is today)


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Hi Guys,

I'm a computer geek so I'm new to the fantasy thing. Tonight our office is having a draft (yahoo league) tonight. I have 2 problems to work out prior to the draft, and am wondering if you experts could help me out at all.

1- What's a good source of draft "cheat sheets" that can list some priority players by position?

2- I need to pick a defense also. I'm thinking I'd like a team with a solid D, but with a good OL to keep the D fresh. KC? Seattle?

Many thanks for any advice you guys can offer.

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Thanks. I'm just going to copy some lists out of a fantasy magazine.

I know all about KC. My theory on them is Herm will improve their D, while piddling away their OL to Free agency. I expect them to do a little better this year, then tank as the Line dissipates.

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Jerry --

The only problem with using lists from the fantasy magazines is that they are old. Go to espn's fantasy football section. Hell read our fantasy football section there are some previews in there as well.

I have won a league the past 2 years. Don't use these lists as your bible. Use them as a guide and adjust accordingly. Meaning pick players that you think will have bigger years.

Like Troll said don't worry about a defense. I guarantee there will be a top defense on waivers after week 3. The NFL is strange these days, there are surprise teams and players every year.

Good luck.

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Well it ended ok, I think. There are only 8 teams in our league, so everybody built good teams. I got:

Qb: Peyton Manning, Trent Green

Wr: Hines Ward, Plaxico Burress,

Ro. Smith (denver), A Randle El. (Was), D Bennett (Ten)

RB: S. Jackson (stl), W McGahee, T Bell (Den), TJ Duckett (Atl)

TE: C. Cooley (was), A Crumpler (Atl)

K: A Vinateri, R Longwell (Min)

Def: Chicago/Dallas

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