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Jets vs Pats - Flex Schedule?


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I know it is a long shot, but if the Jets go 5-3 into the bye and the Pats don't look like doo doo for the next two weeks, could the Jets vs Pats game get moved to the 8PM game in three weeks?


Never happen.

The Pats have too many important games later on in the season.

The networks wouldn't want to waste one on the lowly Jets.

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Traffic is bad enough getting out of Gillette - although an early game gives you time to sit back and wait for it is die down. Late games? Forget it. Everyone is rushing to get home. Traffic at it's WORST.


What's up with the pink football?

Is that in honor of Breast Cancer month?

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If the Giants win tonight & if Chicago keeps winning then the Giants-Bears game is going to primetime...Jets / Pats will probably be at 4:15pm on CBS with Simms & Nantz.

Jets/Pats game is a 1:00 game.

Broncos at Raiders is the 4:00 game that day.

CBS will not change that game.

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