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David Harris?


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His stock seems to be rising as of late and I've heard of teams, like the Pats, liking him in the 1st round. He seems to be a very good 3-4 ILB fit. His specialty is against the run and he showed some surprising athleticism at workouts. He has great intangibles and motor. He had a 2nd round grade but I think some teams think he has late 1st round value. He's not the best in coverage but he will be a great run stuffer for someone. He's also that prototypical "Mangini guy" if you're into that.

This isn't a great comparison but off the top of my head I might liken him to an athletic Schlegel or, better yet, maybe Jerimiah Trotter.

I think he could be a potential darkhorse pick for the Jets if they trade down in the 1st. He would be an ideal fit next to Vilma and could give us the run stuffing LB we need if we got rid of Barton.

What do you guys think of him? Would you be upset if we took him very late 1st/early 2nd?

I'm not really a fan of the pick but just a thought. I could actually see the Pats taking him at 28 since they don't always follow conventianal wisdom.

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if the pats take him, we wont be able to.

But if they didn't?

I just wanted some thoughts on the idea because I was trying to think of some stuff that we could do that would be completely out of left field, and it occured to me that this was a possiblity, albeit a slim one.

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David Harris is a tough one to call.

On the one hand a 1st round pick seems high for a guy most experts (whatever they're worth) see as the second best ILB. If it were an area of glaring need I could see it happening.

On the other hand he isnt likely to be around when the Jets pick in the 2nd round and he appears to have most of the qualities you look for in an ILB.

I think alot will depend on whether or not the rumors of the Jets trying to trade up are true or whether the rumors that the Jets are trying to trade down are true. Or if they are standing pat.

If they are trading up I think Harris will no longer be an option. They arent going to trade up to get him and if they do trade up they will probably have to put one of the #2s in the deal which means they are unlikely to be able to get him in the second.

If they stand pat I think they will address other areas with the 1st round pick and will probably miss out on him in the 2nd round.

If they trade down and get more picks including a later 1st or an earlier 2nd I think that may open the door for picking Harris.

I'm just not sure how much priority the Jets are placing on drafting LBs right now. I mean they could have had AJ Hawk last year and a number of other LBs from a much stronger LB class and they passed. This is a different years and their priorities may be different, but I think they'll be looking at Oline or Dline/OLB with that #1 this season. I think the coaches and front office are still laying the foundation for a consistent contender.

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He's too small, I want LB's that weigh about 260 in the 3-4.

Besides, the following was part of his scouting report:


Has short arms and his body might be maxed out...Looks stiff in coverage...Timed speed is only average at best and he is not an elite athlete...Not much of a pass rusher and doesn't make a lot of impact plays...Has some durability issues...Has trouble disengaging from blockers...Struggles in space...Overall upside is limited.


Classic thumper in the middle who might be more of a backup or situational guy at the next level...Only started for two years in college but he saved his best for last and saw his draft stock soar in 2006...The type who isn't going to amaze you with his physical tools but he gets the job done on the field and was a big reason for the Wolverines turnaround this past season...A good, not great, "Mike" prospect.

Is someone related to him, because I can't see how this guy would even come up for us to discuss using our 1st rounder.

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i would take lawrence timmons olb.checkout his stats on n.f.l.com.he is still growing and with ten more pounds he would be perfect as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

Timmons is still growing? I hope so, because he's only about six foot flat. He also only ran about 4.60. He may be a football player, but his numbers have been losing him money since the season ended. Not sure I love him at #25.

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