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PFT-- CFL not expected to be interested in VICK

Kentucky Jet

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EDT, August 22, 2007


Though many (including us) has assumed that Mike Vick might have to head to Canada in order to continue his football career after being released from federal custody, a CFL source tells us that the NFL's northern cousin won't be the avenue for Vick's second chance.

Currently, no CFL teams holds the negotiating rights to Mike Vick, which is a prerequisite to signing him.

And, as several readers have told us, the felony charges to which Vick will plead guilty will prevent him from entering Canada. Technically, however, a felon can enter Canada, but must first get permission.

Still, the CFL has gotten sensitive to the appearance that it is a haven for wayward NFL players, and we have a strong feeling that Vick won't find a home there. He's more likely to find refuge in the UFL, which could use Vick to attract NFL fans who believe that the league is being unfair by imposing a stiff suspension on him and/or blackballing him.

Taking that a step farther, it could be that the league asks the Falcons to squat on Vick's rights during his incarceration and suspension, since the Falcons would then be permitted to go Pacman on Mike if he were to try to play in another football league while on suspension from the NFL. Then after Mike is cleared to return to the NFL, the Falcons could cut him.

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