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People are overreacting


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1) it's a preseason game, who cares who wins, and who loses. We saw Brett Favre do good, and that is all that matters right now.

2) Mike Nugent may be a joke, who can't do anything in clutch a la Alex Rodriguez, but who cares if he does this now and if he does it a month from now then I wont be happy.

3) Hello? We got a quarterback, named Brett Favre. You know a quarterback that will allow us not have to deal with worrying about a game winning field goal, because we'll be up by 2 touchdowns instead.

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Are you kidding me?

Mike Nugent should be released,shot,stabbed then set on fire...

and Ratliff is the next Tony Romo so we are all set when Favre decides he's done collecting super bowl trophies with the Ny Jets.


yeah and we will always win the division send 13 players to the probowl but will never win a playoff game. hooray for us

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