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So there I was talking to Chad Pennington today


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my moms friend got me on-field passes for this mornings training camp (i might be able to get them for this afternoons too)

guess what--i forgot to bring a camera :shock:

anyways, heres my story :)

so practice was ended, and i was on there and i noticed Chad and Eli and some other cats on the field, and Chad and Eli started talking. I walked up over there and was right with them. Keep in mind Chad didn't practice this morning but Eli did

simple conversation

Chad: Hey hows it going

Eli: Good good

chad: How was this morning?

Eli: Fun, tough but fun. Shockey was getting into it

ChaD: ha ha, Shockey..

*some turd interupts Eli for an interview*

*people come up to Chad for autographs*

so I got Chad to sign my field pass (which i later had to give back to my moms friend who needs to re-count them, who said she'd get it back to me later tonight)

arent I cool? 8)

other notes:

player who stuck out this morning: Brandon Jacobs (Giants RB #27)

funny thing that happened was Coughlin was yelling at some players and Henderson said to him "Calm down man, cool off" :lol::lol:

I'm bringing my camera to this afternoons practice, and I'm pretty sure I can get that field pass again so I'll have a great view. I'll post pictures here soon when i get home and have access to a scanner

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i took 45 photos this afternoon, when i get back to maine ill find some way to post them for you guys, i got some good ones of Vilma and Chadwick

Hey if you can't post them send them to me via email and I can take care of it.

Wish I knew you were going a bunch of us were there today. We will actually have a full camp report later on tonight!

It was a great day.

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