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Nugent refuses Jets offer, to test Free Agency


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wait a sec, i am pretty sure nugent has missed some kicks that have cost us games.

Maybe in the 1st or 2nd quarter, if you think kicks at those points "cost us games"

BTW, you're right, he missed ONE in his rookie season (2005 when we went 4-12) on a Sunday night against New Orleans, a 50+ yarder, other than that he has never missed with the game on the line, to tie or win, in the final minutes. He has made quite a few to send us into OT or to win.

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To be fair though... there is a TON of busts in that list...
ANd a ton of guys who are decent contributors on NFL teams,way beyond Nugent's contribution to the Jets. To the point that a FA like Feely was a better choice at a way lower price.

Because imbecile Edwards stupidly played for a FG in Pittsburgh, the Jets wasted a 2nd round pick. I still hate the freaking moron.

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