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Well, I'm back from my Thanksgiving ordeal

Lady Jet

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Whatever was going on with your family Lady I hope its better now and I'll [-o< for you and yours. You missed nada sunday!!!...It was an ok game till that fumbled snap put it out of reach. And the highlight for me was Curtis hitting another milestone. I hope he hits the 1000 yard mark again. I'll probably get crucified for that but I love my Curty!!..Take care though and God Bless You... :mrgreen:

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...We're glad to have you back here too.... #-o ...you meant your home, my bad. We're glad you are safe and sound there too... :lol:

LOL, I'm glad to be back at this home too! :wink:

Long story short, she had facial cellulitis that they still are not sure if it was caused by a strep or staph infection. The whole right side of her face swelled up so badly it totally encompassed her eye. It was not responding to antibiotics and there was concern that it would get behind her eye socket and spread into her brain. :shock:

Finally after putting her on some very potent stuff, vancomycin, it slowly regressed. There was still a lump however that they eventually had to drain surgically.

Scary, scary couple of days. But all is well now and she's back to the energetic, silly, laughable little girl we we love so very much.

My thoughts are with all the little angels still in that pediatric wing. It's so sad to see so many children going through some pretty serious medical situations.

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