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Holmes Congratulates sanchez


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Thaw? Santonio congratulates Sanchez

March, 12, 2012

Mar 12



By Rich Cimini

It looks like everything is cool between Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes -- if you believe what they're saying and tweeting.

The latest to chime in was Holmes, who tweeted this Monday afternoon:

"@santonio10: Very happy for Mark & the entire team with his extension. Looking forward to getting back to work."

Holmes was referring, of course, to Sanchez's three-year, $40 million contract extension, which was announced Friday night. During the late-night conference call, I asked Sanchez about his well-documented fued with Holmes and whether they've had a chance to clear the air. Clearly, Sanchez didn't want to get too expansive, but he said:

"We've been in contact really this whole offseason, and I think a bigger deal was made out of that than needed to be. But that's okay. With neither of us commenting on it, I think it got bigger. We've kind of laughed that off at this point now, weeks ago, but I've been down to see him, and I'll get into more of that stuff (later)."

Until Friday night, neither Sanchez nor Holmes had addressed the matter publicly -- unless you count Sanchez's "Be-my-Valentine" tweet to Holmes on Feb. 14.

The two players can blow kisses at each other for the entire offseason, but it really doesn't mean much. What matters is how they co-exist in the locker room and on the field when the pressure is on, not what happens on a carefree day in March.

The Jets are betting a lot on this relationship, as they owe Sanchez and Holmes a combined $35 million in guarantees.

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The other thing that the deal accomplishes, is that Sanchez is with the team 2 more years-meaning he does not have lame duck status, and those that may choose to de-rail him, will not have that opportunity

Please, this is not the place to paint a favorable picture when speaking of the Mark Sanchez deal

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should have kept braylon.


I agree with you on that, but I seriously think adding Plax was more of a problem where the QB/WR relationship was concerned. It effected Holmes as well. Hopefully Holmes see that now and cuts the sh*t. This is all speculation on my part of course, but in my head it's solid truth.

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