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Jaguars Request Permission to Interview Brian Schottenheimer For HC


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Herm was exposed as a coach and Mangini was exiled for being a rat. Sparano is a good OL coach who was promoted too high. Brian S will be a marginal HC like Marvin Lewis for many years.

If the only criteria we are gonna judge anyone on is Super Bowl rings, than all of those men were failures with the Jets... and also firing them didn't fix the problem.

Unless Brian S was head coach of the Jets. If he was then marginal, YOU would be saying, "How can we do better, none of this is Brian's fault. Coaches coach".

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No OC would have flourished tied to this pos we have at QB. Just think of all the 3rd and 8 Sanchez ints or fumbles Schott probably avoided by having him hand off. He knows Sanchez is horrible. Im convinced he game planned and called plays to minimize Sanchezs negative impact on gameday.

I hope he does well if he gets the job in Jax.

please. it wasn't just the uber!conservative playcalling. it was how his game plans never adjusted for opposing defenses, how his system never seemed to play to the strengths of his players, etc... plus, maybe if he ever tried to gain more than 2 yards on first down, maybe there wouldn't have been so many 3rd & 8s.

and it wasn't just Sanchez. we watched him with Pennington and Clemons and Favre. the best the Jets offense between 2006 and now was when Favre just made sh*t up. Clemons was garbage, but I don't think it's entirely coincidence that Pennington left for Miami in 2008 and had a career year.

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Using this logic, you could literally plug in any name and say the same thing, and it'd be equally as ignorant. It completely disqualifies what a head coach's job is. What in Schottenheimer's illustrious past makes him look like a good delegator or leader? His great skills at selecting quarterbacks? His reliance on geniuses like Matt Cavanaugh to develop those quarterbacks? His willingness to take responsibility for the team's struggles? Or, perhaps, his ability to control difficult personalities like Holmes and Plax? Or his firm hand, like when he needed Henry Ellard to bench Holmes when Holmes threw his Miami tirade?

Schottenheimer has failed at every aspect of coaching and he keeps getting jobs solely because his father was a Good Ol Boy in the coaching ranks. He sucks.

If there were no history books and they needed people to make history up....you would be a great history teacher.

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