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The best fantasy league you'll ever join

Gastineau Lives

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I have a few spots open in my league and would love to have some fellow JN'ers be a part of it.


AUCTION DRAFT Pick the players you want. It's completely in your hands.


TWO QB LEAGUE Didn't get Peyton Manning? Well your opponent paid a good price for him but he can't tip the league with one player anymore. In a league where QB's really matter, this is a rule that evens the playing field and favors the smart shopper.


POINTS AND PLAYOFFS CHAMPIONSHIP Playoffs are head to head competition but are not the be all and end all of the season. One bad week at the end for a great team won't screw you.


RUNNING BACK BY COMMITTEE You draft a teams whole running game and start them in your lineup. No more being screwed over by injuries, running back carry splits, third down backs, injuries, IN GAME injuries, TD vultures, etc. YOU OWN THEM AND START THEM ALL. In season replacements and signings as well.


DEFENSIVE CREDIT FOR NON DEFENSIVE TD'S Why should your defense get screwed out of points because their stupid QB threw a pick six? Did you draft HIM? Of course you didn't, he doesn't play defense. Now you no longer have to worry about it. FAIR TRADE VOTING All trades are subject to approval of the commissioner. Only trades that show clear signs of collusion will be disapproved. You get to make your own mistakes.


WEEKLY WINNER Weekly prize for the top scorer of the week.


WEEK 17 BONUS Not done watching fantasy after you're knocked out of the playoffs? Well, take a chance and match your team up with the field in the final week of the season. Still good money to be made.


PM Me if interested.

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