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Juniors have until Jan 15 to declare for NFL draft


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GBN does a nice job, but DD.com is where it's at :lol:

That's why a major "draft site' proposed to merge with us a few weeks ago.....After we politely said no, they asked about placing ads on the site.

Updated news, to the moment: Ernie Sims has declared -- about 50 minutes ago.

Ko Simpson and Jon Joseph have declared.....30 minutes ago

Brian Calhoun on the cusp of declaring....OT Joe "The Freak" Thomas, will not declare due to an ACL tear, while playing DE in a Bowl game....

Tall, small school WR declares, officially.....Next Larry Brackens (in terms of fan hype?)


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Thanks for the info R44

I know draftdadddy is the best but I do want to infringe on your site and cut and paste from it -People have to check it out themselves draftdaddy.com

Fasano was not a big part of Notre Dame's offense passing attack -he probably should have stayed at Notre Dame- especially a couple of other touted tight ends coming out early

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I saw that Ernie Simms has declared! I'm pretty surprised.

Where do you have him going in the draft? Sure bet before the 3rd round?

He'll probably run a sick 40, but weigh in very light, so who knows, but he never really lived up to the hype I thought. Still, he's a special talent IMO, and he has incredible potential.

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