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Scott Tolzien


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Backup QB in GB. Former Wisc. (Big Ten) QB, with the following college career stats:


Career Wisconsin         410 602 68.1 5271 8.8 8.5 32 18







As a backup in GB, his stats are eerily familiar to most of the FA QBs this year:


Career 3 55 90 61.1 717 7.97 1 52 5 0 24.3 66.8


I don't know if he's going to shake loose from GB yet, but he might be an under-the-radar guy if the other "big name" (if you can call them that) FA QBs are getting outrageous money in a flush offseason.


Her's a youtube highlight video from Wisc.:




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Not a fan. Another one who should go to Canada. Because there is no minor league football in USA I feel Canadian Football may be the closest thing to this. Hate watching these QBS who float through the league and give you mediocrity since they are stuck in not improving. Maybe going to an inferior league you could see things in a more slower environment and you can gain confidence in your abilities. We look at QBS like Tavaris Jackson, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy and Derek Carr before he retired just go through the league as mediocre QBS. Good QBS are hard to find and that is why they the most important part of anNFL team.

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