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Revis back with the Jets- official

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It was the Pats that decided not to pick up his option, that is their fault.


It was Woody who put out his unrequieted love of Revis' before the season was over.


If there was a clear divide between Revis and the Jets, what better way to express to Revis that than pubicly.  The option was not cost effective, how well do you think negotiations went after Woody's statement?

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I feel bad for Revis Great player who will retire with only one ring.

My daughter found this from 12 months ago....   This is a long term plan. The Jets trade Revis to the Bucs to gather 2 additional draft picks. Revis becomes too much to handle, and refuses to lower

raise your hand if you didn't burn your jersey

Well your Pats* fans friends are having an apocalyptic meltdown over it. I think a few of them are in danger of having a stroke or coronary over it.   Some of the funniest stuff I've read on these forums in a long time.  For a good laugh at Pat fan infantile logic and whining, check it out:





Best quote I found looking at that thread for the 3 minutes I could stand without barfing:


"while I don't believe that the Pats are owed anything for the Revis situation, I would be upset if they weren't at least awarded a mid-round pick for it."

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