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Revis back with the Jets- official

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I feel bad for Revis Great player who will retire with only one ring.

My daughter found this from 12 months ago....   This is a long term plan. The Jets trade Revis to the Bucs to gather 2 additional draft picks. Revis becomes too much to handle, and refuses to lower

raise your hand if you didn't burn your jersey

I'm sure the jets "overpaid" and I don't give a sh*t.  


brandon marshall and darelle revis


suck it bitches !!!!!!!!


Marshall, Revis, Carpenter, Harris... acquiring and retaining players views as legit league-wide. Making the case for something real happening here in NY for other free agents. 


**** Bobby Kraft if he thinks he's going to get us on tampering.


I expect Cromartie signing was contingent on Revis signing.


What a secondary rebuild. Holy sh*t. I'm so ******* happy.

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raise your hand if you didn't burn your jersey


I would never burn a Jets jersey. Perhaps rip a nameplate off, but never burn the green and white. 


Unless it was from a murderer or rapist. I guess I'm glad I'm not a Pats fan.

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I'm happy Mac signed 2 corners. I wanted him to treat it like we didn't have any starting CBs and he did just that. A fan favorite vet and an up and coming youngster in Skrine. This will surely help.

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