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Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?


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10 hours ago, gEYno said:

Max is still in Tampa.  FWIW.



Police are investigating an overnight shooting death in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa, where three people were shot and killed in October.

  • Tampa police investigating shooting in Seminole Heights
  • Body was found at North Nebraska Avenue and East McBerry Street
  • Man killed identified as Raymond Felton, 60
  • TPD say until proven otherwise, the shootings are related

According to officers, a body was found at North Nebraska Avenue and East McBerry Street early Tuesday. Police received word of shots fired at 4:51 a.m., according to Tampa Police spokesperson Steven Hegarty.

Police responded to the area within one minute and found a man shot to death in the middle of Nebraska Ave. The victim has been identified as Ronald Felton, 60.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said the victim was crossing Nebraska Avenue when someone came up behind him and shot him. Dugan described the possible suspect as a black man with a thin build who was dressed in all black and wearing a baseball cap. 

There has been a large police response to this incident due to the three recent murders in the area. Police are searching the area on foot, with police dogs and by helicopter. 

Officers also are asking any residents who may have seen anything in the area overnight or have home surveillance cameras to contact them at (813) 231-6130.

"We need everyone's cooperation," Dugan said. "The neighborhood has been very engaged and extremely helpful (during the investigation). We need to talk to everyone."

"We don't know if this is related to the other shootings," Hegarty said. "But we're treating it as if it is."

Police are asking neighbors to remain in their homes. 

Police issued a shelter in place order as Nebraska Avenue has been closed from Hillsborough to Osborne avenues. Hillsborough County schools said schools in the area are open and issued instructions for students on social media.

Three people were shot and killed in the Seminole Heights area within 10 days in October. 

Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was killed on Oct. 9. Two days later, 32-year-old Monica Hoffa was killed in a vacant lot. Anthony Naiboa, 20, was shot and killed Oct. 19.

Police said they are continuing to follow leads in the previous three murders.

Just got home a few minutes ago. Was watching that on the news today. Crazy. They have that neighborhood on high alert, door to door searches. Scary stuff.

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9 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

Funny thing is...... I think i know who the killer is. I reportsd it to crime stoppers weeks ago. If it turns out to be a high school kid, you heard it here first fellers

I'm not sure "funny thing" is necessarily the right way to put it...  :)

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Me and BP were going to go see you at halftime but when the time came he said screw Max I need a drink..
I figured that much. It was bitter sweet for us.

Any time you miss an opportunity to see Bp that is a good thing. We did want to see you though. :)

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