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Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

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On 1/11/2019 at 5:23 AM, Jetster said:

So, I'm in the car listening to Mad Dog sports radio on Sirius.

This guy Shein in that irritating exaggerated stretch voice starts talking about the Arians hire in Tampa Bay. So I'm waiting to hear what he has to say about Todd Bowles. So he says, "And what about the Todd Bowles hire, Todd Bowles is a brilliant defensive coordinator!"

I literally nearly drove off the road! I mean it struck me as being so funny, I was saying out loud in the car, BRILLIANT? BRILLIANT? Now I know there are many things I've called Todd Bowles over the last 4 years but brilliant was never a word that came to my mind.

What the hell is it with Todd Bowles & his teflon reputation? Seriously? This guy fired 3 OCs and kept his inept buddy Rogers here for 4 years & I think even right now a WR blew through the secondary untouched & no one within 15 yards of him! 

Is there some type of conspiracy protecting bad African American NFL Head Coaches I'm not aware of? Do they have to go 2-30 like Hue Jackson did before you can mock them? Gase with a 23-25 record is being mocked, dragged through the mud, Memed to death and the 24-40 Todd Bowles is referred to as BRILLIANT! 

Sorry, but this really pisses me off because I had to waste 4 years watching this moron systematically make this team worse & worse every year! I was at that Titans game where his BRILLIANT DEFENSIVE game plan gave up another 7 points with an 83 yard drive in a 2 minute drill. I reassured Titans fans sitting next to me that they had nothing to worry about, there was no way Todd Bowles defense to stop the juggernaut that is Marcus Mariotta & the Titans offense! They thought I was nostrodomus and thanked me for my wisdom and for reassuring them that the game was clearly not over. At 16-0 a couple left? I was thinking, you obviously haven't witnessed the brilliancy of Todd Bowles & Kacey Rogers giving up lead after lead. This is my final critique of anything Todd Bowles, I'm just thankful he's finally gone, but wow, it's amazing how history gets rewritten by these media A holes.

Uhh yeah what do you think affirmative action is 

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On 1/11/2019 at 10:40 AM, Philc1 said:

Schein knows nothing


we say that about a lot of people but Schein really, genuinely knows absolutely nothing hes an awful broadcaster who has failed everywhere who keeps getting gigs like Sid Rosenberg he’s a rich boy in the good ol boys club

How anyone could listen to that schmuck is beyond me. It's a matter of principle to not listen to him.

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HC job was too big for Bowles. Happens to many/most people in their careers actually unless you make it all the way to CEO with no hiccups. Most of us eventually get promoted to the point where we no longer distinguish ourselves in a positive way. Bowles will be a good DC again.

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