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Jets Reportedly Targeting Dillard/Jonah Via Trade Down

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3 hours ago, sirlancemehlot said:

You said we need a linebacker more than ol. It's in your above post. I just disagree. You have a right to your opinion sir.  

Well. So do you. Do you see how many people disagree on what we should do in the draft. That's what these forums are all about. Nobody is really wrong.

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I like both. i like both at LT, too.

I also hope my wife will agree to my terms of polygamy. Let’s hold hands. 

http://draftanalyst.com/potential-trade-down-targets-new-york-jets Saw this pop up via twitter and thought it was interesting. Wonder if Gase is having a bigger say in the draft process than we t

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Don't forget a few years back Maccagnan tried to trade up from 20 to 10 to select falling LT L. Tunsil because of the Gas mask video.  A deal was unable to get done and we ended up with D. Lee.  My point being is that Mac who yes does not have a history of drafting O LINE early showed that he would have made the move for a talent like Tunsil and now may trade back getting more picks for talents like J. Williams of Dillard.

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