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the destruction of sam


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imagine being sam and saying great I have to play for this ahole coach who was run out of town by the terrible(but probably better than us )dolphins. I have no line to protect me and the only saving grace is bell and robby and now team wants to move them too FML

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2 hours ago, FidelioJet said:


Coaching matters, being beat up behind a bad o-line can cause problems, not building any supporting cast around him is a problem.

It's not one thing - it's many and it's causing him to regress.

It would be interesting to see if 2018 Darnold showed better mechanics working with Bates than 2019 Darnold.  I'm not a film guy but it seems he's throwing with much poorer footwork this year.  He might be slowly morphing into David Carr...

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2 hours ago, dbatesman said:

Has it occurred to any of the people who make this now-daily thread that if a quarterback can be "ruined" by adverse circumstances, then maybe said quarterback wasn't that good to begin with?


Remember Andrew Luck?  How did his career work out?  Just asking....

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3 hours ago, kmnj said:

fans waited since the marino mistake for a franchise qb and most thought sam was that guy-this franchise has done everything they can to ruin him. They did not draft offensive line , did not draft any wrs , gave him a terrible coach to "mentor" him and now they are talking about taking away the only two skill guys he has around him in robby and bell-if the team does move robby and bell they should just sit sam the rest of the year or they will ruin him for good.. Sadly for Sam next year will be more of the same.  I feel bad for Sam he has been set up to fail and seems like a good kid that was put in a terrible spot.

With Douglas at the helm the Jets will draft much better - and smarter - than they have in the last 15 or so years. As good a HC as Bill Parcells was he was a terrible personnel guy which is why Kraft let him go in NE. If Douglas gets a pair of o-linemen in draft and a CB and WR he will have done his job well. I believe in Darnold, but I do NOT believe in Gase.

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If he was the one bad schemes and poor blocking would impact his efficiency not make him revert back to bad habits and losing football 

saw Cindy throw it in the dirt multiple times when Sam would be chucking it up off his back foot 

Really disappointing to see the mechanics and decision making last week 

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