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We’ll Get 1st Pick - I GUARANTEE IT!!!

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4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

You think I don't see that our coaching and ownership is the worst in the sport? 

What does that have to do with Pat Mahomes?  He's an elite QB.  Best in the game and would be top 5 in productivity anywhere.  The only reason he's not a Jet is because of how bad the Jets are.  We don't get to have nice things.  That would require hiring people with foresight and balls.

Instead we had the worst GM in NFL history who took Christian Hackenberg and passed on Mahomes.

Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mahomes is great without or without Andy Reid but Reid does a really good job utilizing Mahomes. 

Mahomes comes here and he’s just an average QB. 

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14 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

No I do not.  The biggest factor in QB's failing here is because we draft bad QB's.  Sure, the org does them no favors.  But Sanchez, Geno Smith, Petty, Hackenberg, and Darnold are all in the same category:  They were flawed prospects.  Darnold was the best of the group and he can still end up maybe a journeyman type.  Geno is still a decent QB2.  But they all basically sucked and none were franchise QB's.

If it was true that the Jets "ruined" all these good players, they'd have gone on to success elsewhere.  They don't.  How many players can you name that did?  James Farrior, Danny Woodhead, and Demario Davis is about it in the last 2+ decades.

We draft terribly for decades and this is still a surprise to people?  I don't get it.

Once you wreck a player's mechanics and psyche, it's difficult to rebuild those back to where they once were. Hence the largely "one shot" nature of the league.

If what you say was true, then what does that say about the whole reality of the league / draft etc? Loads of highly drafted QBs have flamed out with the teams that drafted them and never had success elsewhere. In fact it's hard to think of many that did. Were they all flawed prospects? Yet players picked later in the draft work out better - were they better prospects?

Why do the flawed guys always seem to get picked higher than the non-flawed ones? Or ... could the environment that they are drafted into lead, at least in part, to their lack of success? I still shudder to think of Mahomes playing on a Jets team under Todd Bowles ... ?


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