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Wilson's Bad Footwork (My Theory)


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ZW was not an NFL ready QB coming in which is why I thought he was overhyped and not worthy of the high draft pick UNLESS the organization was willing to let him sit behind a veteran for a couple/few years and learn.  But these days, that is not an option when you are picked so high.

Can he and/or will he be a very good to great QB - not sure, but other than his strong arm, there was nothing in my mind that indicated he was ready or worthy of that pick.

On top of all that, they were throwing him into a team that was exceptionally young on the O with a rookie HC and OC.  I get they were/are desperate for a franchise QB, but the entire approach was crap.  I am not sure any rookie QB could have succeeded.  

If he doesn't improve, I'm done with drafting QB's with this GM.  He's missed a couple times now.  Go spend the money and get a vet. QB that is good, not at the end of his career.  

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1 minute ago, Dunnie said:

Great line from a great movie

.. a line that would never pass the movie board in today's arch sensitive environment.

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Watch the scene in the new season of White Lotus when they are discussing The Godfather...

Perfectly sums up the stupidity of the moment.

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20 hours ago, maury77 said:

I agree with a lot of what you say, however, the guys you described in the bolded part were probably a lot younger than Wilson and didn't have the number of reps he has had.

Mike Tyson famously said, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." I think Wilson just lacks the emotional intelligence to play the position and whenever he is exposed to pressure, he's going to fold. IMO, the ability to keep composure under pressure is something innate, not something that can be learned. 

not saying youre wrong, but also not ruling out that he can fix his issues.  

Only reason I say this is because ive seen him perform under pressure.  Look at the pitt game, pocket closing in around him multiple times, he steps up and delivers throws.  His case is so interesting because we have seen him do things well in small sample sizes. 

will you be right more often than not? probably, just saying there is a possibility. 

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