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Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson, Tim Boyle


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15 hours ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

Rodgers, Wilson, and Boyle:

Hall of famer, big bust, and a bad skin condition. 

I'm starting to believe that Hackett truly is worse than Gase.

The Jets made a very calculated, planned and incorrect decision to hire this guy simply to be an empty headset while Aaron Rodgers runs the offense.  I think the O only works with Rodgers.  And, it puts JD is a terrible situation of his own making.  Banking on Rodgers staying healthy next year and going even MORE all-in with his Cap dollars and Draft ammo to rebuild an OL and pay a ransom for Davante Adams for a one (MAYBE two) year shot with Rodgers before the whole thing blows up.

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I don't think there's a soul alive saying Boyle is the panacea to cure all ails. I refuse to be gaslighted into "there was no qb problem". Boyle was getting the ball out in limited action, processing between the ears, light years ahead of Dimples. Its a gain that Wilson is benched. We might still be headed nowhere, but this notion that if a qb switch doesn't fix everything  then it shouldn't be done, is ridiculous. #2 couldn't have possibly picked out a better number for himself when he was drafted. Turned out prophetic af.

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