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Interesting ESPN Roster Rankings! Jets Jump

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Yeah I look at the Jets and they are ranked #2 on offense ahead of 49ers the Bengals and the Eagles and every single team except the Chiefs and I can't take this chart seriously. Jets might be better than last season on offense but up to rank them number 2 on offense right now? Not buying that one.

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1 hour ago, Maxman said:

Can someone get Cliff and send me his notes. Not sure what I am looking at there.

Looks like they ranked every position group from best (4.0) to worst (0.1), and because there are 32 teams they took out scores ending in .2 and .7

The tiers are formatted by color which is a nice touch, and overall it’s a neat idea, but clearly biased.

1. They don’t allow teams to share the same score in any particular position group.  I find that questionable.  Stats are very often tied in the NFL

2. The rankings are wildly subjective (ie, QBs are ranked: Mahomes, Allen, L Jackson, Burrows, Rodgers, Prescott, Stafford, Stroud, Herbert, Purdy, Hurts, Love, Cousins, Goff, Tua, Lawrence, Murray, Smith, Mayfield, Richardson, Watson, Steelers, Saints, Young, Bears, Levis, Jones, Raiders, Patriots, Vikings, Broncos, Commanders)  and we don’t even know who some of the QBs will be much less how well they’ll play. 

But it’s nice to see the Jets ranked #2 at something in the offseason. 

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