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LenDale fails drug test


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The Los Angeles Daily News reports that former USC running back tested positive during an NFL-administered drug test, citing multiple unnamed sources.

"(The NFL) ain't worried about it," White said on Friday. "The issue's been addressed."

Although the Daily News cites several sources who claim that the positive test occurred at the February scouting combine, White's name wasn't on the list that was circulated to teams on or about April 21. The only two players listed on that, um, list were LSU defensive tackle Claude Wroten and Missouri State kicker Jon Scifres.

Indeed, information regarding the positive results at the combine typically isn't disseminated the day before the draft.

"If it's out, it's got to be a combine test," a source with knowledge of NFL drug testing told the Daily News. "Some teams also give their own tests but those are at individual workouts and no one releases those."

Regardless of when the sample was collected, White is officially scuh-rewed.

White showed up for his pro day on April 2 and engaged in no activities beyond the 225-pound bench, in which he threw up an abysmal 15 reps.

Strike one.

He later disclosed that he has a torn hamstring, as diagnosed by a chiropractor. Though it was suggested in some media reports that White would get confirmation from a medical doctor with a specialty regarding hamstring injuries, confirmation never came.

Strike two.

Positive drug test?

Caught looking. Strike three.

The only question now is whether White takes his medicine like a man -- or whether he throws the bat at someone.

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You have to wonder what goes through these gifted athletes minds...I mean, come on already, most kids dream of playing in a professional sport and getting paid big bucks to do it as well...I give up trying to find out what makes some of these guys tick.

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