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Peter Jackson won't direct The Hobbit


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Funny to see this thread on here. I was just talking to somebody who recommended I take a trip up to a city called "puzzle wood" in England. I'm not a fan at all of "lord of the rings". Just not my thing. However, the clips I've seen of it do look pretty incredible from a scenery standpoint. Well anyway, I guess "puzzle wood" is the town/village that inspired the scnery for LOTR. I might go check it out. Pics from google look pretty interesting.

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Never could get into Lord of the Rings or anything like that. All that **** bores the hell out of me.

It was pretty good, but it really needed tanks.

Loads of tanks.

Preferably Tiger tanks.

That would work.

"C'mon Mr Frodo! We have to gwet to Mount Doom! Wait a second, what's that big metal thing..BOOM!

"Achtung! You vill never zee der mountain, Hobbit schweinhund! Der ring now belongs to der Glorious Third Reich! Sauron, Saruman and their untermenschen Orcs vill be crushed under our Panzer armies!"

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