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'04 AFC Title Game That Never Happened- Pats32-Jets 14 ???

The Gun Of Bavaria

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The game never would have been that close. :wink:

I dunno Tex. Apparently, the CPU Jets and inparticular Martin can run on the Patriots Defense in Giants stadium.

Jets have won 5 of 6 so far.

He just ripped off a 29 yard run in win 6 of 7.

And the capper is a 214 yard effort in win 8 of 10. CuMar's highlight is a 67 yard ramble.

I guess that is why they play the games. :roll:

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This site lost all credibility when I tried the following matchup with end result.


Detroit Tigers

55 - 106 (0.342)



New York Yankees

103 - 58 (0.640)

2002 Detroit Tigers 10

2002 New York Yankees 4

By the way Jeff Weaver of the Tigers got the win over Clemens. :lol::lol:

Who the hell programmed this site??

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