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Teen attends prom after murdering parents


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this is a month old:

Murder Suspect Attended Prom After Crime

Wed May 18, 9:42 AM ET

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - A 16-year-old boy was accused of shooting his wealthy parents to death in the family home, the same weekend he attended his high school prom.


Businessman James Sapikowski, 52, and Alison Powell Sapikowski, 49, were found dead early Saturday, authorities said. It appeared they had been dead for up to two weeks.

Their 16-year-old son, Adam, a junior at Durham Academy, was charged as an adult with two counts of first-degree murder. He confessed to the killings, Police Chief Gregg Jarvies said.

Precisely when they were killed was still under investigation, but Jarvies said evidence showed it was sometime the weekend of April 29.

Adam was at the prom April 30, according to police. Jarvies said there was an unconfirmed report that he had a small party in the home after the dance.

Adam Sapikowski made his first appearance in Orange County District Court on Monday, where he made no statement.

Investigators found Adam on Saturday at a hotel in Durham, where officials said he checked in May 1. He initially told police his parents were out of town in Texas.

The father owned an oil and gas exploration company and coached club hockey at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Property records value the family home at $680,000.

A search warrant said when officers entered the house, they found chairs barricading a door and a stench coming from a room. The bodies, wrapped in blankets, were found in a bedroom and a bathroom.

Officers also found a single-shot .410-gauge shotgun and several shotgun shells.

A probable cause hearing was set for June 6.

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Welcome to the Southern part of heaven. :)

Here's another article:

Questions Surround N.C. Teenager's Slaying Of Parents

POSTED: 8:35 am EDT June 4, 2005

UPDATED: 8:35 am EDT June 4, 2005

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- In this quiet university town, police say it took detectives who usually investigate only a few homicides a year just 15 minutes to figure out who killed James and Alison Sapikowski.

The couple's teenage son confessed, police say, shortly after they read Adam Sapikowski his rights.

What police and those who knew the apparently loving family don't yet know is why _ why a high school junior would allegedly kill his parents with a pair of blasts from a shotgun? Why he would have then attended his high school prom, and may have hosted a party at his parents' home, the same April weekend?

It's the details that vex. What provoked the slaying of two parents who by all appearances provided their children with a world of advantages? And what did Adam Sapikowski do during the two weeks between when his parents were killed and when their bodies were found in their bedroom, where chairs blocked off the room and a towel was stuffed under the door?

At a recent pickup hockey game played in Jim Sapikowski's memory, friend John Allore gestured at the other players as he described what set his friend, a beloved hockey coach in the university town, apart.

"(He was) just a guy who loved life, who clearly loved his family," he said. "A lot of these guys don't talk about their families. But Jim did talk about his son and his daughter."

James Sapikowski, 52, and his 49-year-old wife both worked for the natural gas and oil company he owned. The family lived in a large home in a well-to-do neighborhood, and Adam and older sister Lauren both attended private Durham Academy, in the same nearby city as Duke University.

The family even starred in a 2001 children's book written by Esquire writer Cal Fussman. In "The Guest Who Threw Tomatoes," "Adam" and "Lauren" are visited by a wacky man from Spain who brings fun, vegetable-flinging adventures into their home.

Fussman is among many family friends and neighbors who have declined to discuss the killings.

"At this time I really have to respect (their) wishes for privacy ... the family is going through a difficult time," Fussman said.

A month after the murders first made headlines, neighbors in an upscale Chapel Hill neighborhood remain fiercely protective of the family's privacy, steadfastly refusing to talk with outsiders. The family's home is quiet and empty on Whitley Drive, a basketball hoop unattended in front of the garage while a white and blue flag lazily flaps in the wind.

Police have released few details about the crime, but have said Adam Sapikowski killed his parents with a shotgun that had to be reloaded between blasts. Prosecutors have charged him as an adult with two counts of first-degree murder. He turned 17 on May 21 and remains held at the Orange County Jail, his next court appearance scheduled for June 6.

Authorities first realized the Sapikowskis were missing in early May, after a relative contacted police, having been unable to reach the family for more than a week. When no one answered the door at the family's home, they started looking for Adam.

The teenager's girlfriend wound up leading them to a Durham motel where he was staying. Before confessing, police say, he told investigators his parents had left for a trip to El Paso, Texas, about a week before.

Police are investigating reports that Adam Sapikowski held a party at his parents' house the same weekend they were murdered, Chapel Hill Police Chief Gregg Jarvies said. That was also the same weekend as the Durham Academy's prom, which Adam Sapikowski attended.

Adam's older sister Lauren has returned to Washington & Lee University in Virginia, where she is active in campus theater.

On a blog that Allore maintains, Lauren Sapikowski politely declined an invitation to the recent memorial hockey game, but said she was comforted by the thought of her father's friends continuing to play in his absence.

"I am trying to move on with life and so went back to college to finish the play," she wrote. "My dad loved seeing my plays so I think it is important I am here."

For Jim Sapikowski's hockey buddies, the pickup game on a recent Friday was a way to remember and honor their friend. They laughed and joked, playing the game just as they said Sapikowski _ who coached the club team at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill _ always did.

No one in the crowd of stick-and-puck guys was ready to try to explain the inexplicable _ particularly not to someone who didn't know Jim Sapikowski.

"We really just want to play hockey," Allore said. "If you come and watch ... really watch ... I think you will get a sense of who Jim was, and why he played on Fridays like we all do."

"We had a good time in the locker room," said Jeremy Walton, 17, who first met Sapikowski four years ago on the ice, clad in ill-fitting hockey gear the coach quickly fixed. "He was a comedy guy in the locker room, even though some people may not have seen him that way. He was really there to help you out."

That included plans to help Walton get into college through a hockey club team.

"I just know that he's still with me," Walton said. "I was really crushed. I don't know, from that moment, life will never be the same for me."


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If my son is reading this, I profusely apologize for taking away your PS2 yesterday. BTW, I just increased your allowance too my man! :wink:


note to my son: if you decide to gun me down, don't do it in the living room, your mother will kill me if I bleed on the new flooring

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I hope the kid at least got laid. It's going to be a while before he gets another crack at some fish and candy.

What do you mean? Where he's going all there is to do is get ****ed!

looking for sex will be the least of his problems.

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I hope the kid at least got laid. It's going to be a while before he gets another crack at some fish and candy.

What do you mean? Where he's going all there is to do is get ****ed!

looking for sex will be the least of his problems.

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