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When I first got to permanent party, my sergeant spent 15 years in the Army Band. 15 years and an E5! This was my boss. Quite possibly the dumbest person on earth. And I've met alot of dumb people. Have you ever been to the Harley Tailgate? Pretty dumb.


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Forgetting why we can be PC in the first place? Crush your enemy. The language of barbarism is all that speaks; but barbarism is hard taken and an anomaly as to us in Iraq. It's a war. What does the world expect, hand-holding? Hahaha.

We are generally kind as a people and a nation. Gasp. Kill the enemy. Isn't that the antiquated chit we're supposed to "understand"? Mankind will always try to conquer and take other people's stuff. It's the human condition. We took Native American stuff. We treated blacks horribly, a legacy of internal hatred. We are an imperfect nation. Always have been, always will be; but it's the best imperfect nation in the world. I'll own our zits any day of the week.

Today, now, trying to take my liberty, forget it. My nation was bombed. Twice. I lost patience who did it or "why" the second time around. One nation under God is a concept and a theory I will never let go of. I'm a Deist at best, as most our Founding Fathers were. And some of them were flat our atheists. Amen.

They were collective geniuses and had a greater vision. I'll never concede my freedom. Being free is the most sacred thing in life there is. Freedom is sacred, not God. And if you're free, God is sacred, not chumps who think they're justified in killing me in my home. The United States is my home. All of it.

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