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****The OFFICIAL Jets/Bills Game Thread****

war ensemble

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Let's think like this:

1. Brett Favre IS still Brett Favre. His strengths are not his td/int ratio, but he can get a team behind him and win a big game! Ask the pack fans who went from 13-3 to "out of playoffs" 3/4 through. He CAN still surprise us!

2. Maybe week two of Harris back, and an embarrassed Kris Jenkins and co. along with coach Sutton hearing the fire finally from media and fans gets this defense attacking today against the second string Loserman.

3. Maybe Ty Law is in shape.

4. WE CONTROL OUR DESTINY 3-0 gets us the division,period.

5. Leon may have one in him.

6. TJ is unconscious this year, don't forget he wants a rushing title.


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