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Weatherford Has Erratic Heartbeat Fixed


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Weatherford has erratic heartbeat fixed


Weatherford has erratic heartbeat fixed

Associated Press

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Steve Weatherford is no longer worried about his heart. He hopes the New York Jets feel the same.

The veteran punter told The Associated Press on Thursday that he had a procedure last week to prevent irregular heartbeats, such as the one that caused him to miss an opening-round playoff victory at Cincinnati last season.

"I want my coaches to have full confidence in me and that was something that needed to be done," Weatherford said. "I don't want that to ever be an issue again. I want to grow old and be a dad for many years to come, and if you can fix it, why not?"

Weatherford had cardiac ablation, a minimally invasive procedure used to treat abnormal heart rhythms, last Thursday at Morristown Memorial Hospital, located a few miles from the team's facility.

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