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I'd like your thoughts on a prospect named Lofa Tatupu, son of former Pats FB, Mosi. I've heard him described as a Bruschi clone without speed. Certainly has work ethic and drive - a Maine transfer to USC. Does he have a chance at being drafted?

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SoFlaJets haven't really gotten any info on Pool, because he's simply "ducked" every chance to workout. Bitonti elevated him to his top 32--

Pool had a poor 2004 season, but some think he can overcome that with a great workout....Tebucky Jones syndrome--it's better to be a "great athlete on draft day", than a productive player...I'd say top 2 rounds.

Garb, Tatupu was told by the NFL prior to entering the draft he was no higher than a 4th round pick....At the Combine, he fell flat and really didn't help himself (may go undrafted or 7th round?)--too small; too slow. timed in at 4.85 in the 40--way below averge for a small LB--5'11" and 235 pounds...

It doesn't seem like he's highly regarded. Being Mosi's son, some assume he'll be a great special teams player, but that's unknown.

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Brodney Pool

DS | (6'3", 198) | OKLAHOMA

Scouts Grade: 89

Strengths: Centerfielder-type with excellent instincts, athleticism, range and ball skills. He covers a lot of ground in zone coverage and he is a ball-hawk with proven playmaking ability. Is instinctive and intelligent. Makes quick reads and does an excellent job of diagnosing plays. Rarely takes false steps. Gets great jumps by being disciplined and reacting quicker than most. Does a very good job of reading QB's eyes in zone coverage. Rarely gets caught peeking into the backfield. Has adequate-to-good closing speed but not great. He shows some good burst when coming forward. Is at his best when he can read from the high-point and break on the ball in front of him. . If he's in the vicinity he will make a play on the ball. He has excellent height, long arms and adequate-to-good leaping ability. Does a good job of adjusting to the ball in the air and timing his leaps. Has soft and consistent hands if in position to challenge for the INT. also knocks down a lot of passes because of his quick jumps, great angles and long arms. Isn't intimidating but is very productive in run support. He fills hard and is aggressive. He diagnoses things quickly, takes good angles and always seems to be around the ball. Is a bit of a drag-down tackler but is reliable. Gets into position, breaks down in space and does a good job of wrapping up.

Weaknesses: He has a good frame but lacks ideal bulk and strength. Doesn't have great pop or power as a tackler. Won't make many big hits or force a lot of fumbles. Has adequate but not great top-end speed. Is better in zone coverage than he is man-to-man. Is a bit high-cut and has some trouble sticking with quicker WR's that can exploit his lack of ideal hip fluidity by using double moves. He doesn't show great catch-up speed if he gets out of position and is forced to turn-and-run downfield.

Bottom line: Pool played in 12 games (mostly on special teams) as a true freshman in 2002. He started 12-of-14 games in 2003 at FS and finished with 68 total tackles, seven interceptions, six pass breakups and nine tackles for loss. As a junior in 2004, Pool led the Sooners with 92 tackles and finished with two interceptions, nine passes broken up and five tackles for loss. Pool lacks elite speed and he isn't a huge hitter versus the run. However, what he lacks in physical tools he makes up for with his recognition skills and instincts. He's a playmaker that is always around the ball versus the run and the pass. In our opinion, Pool is the best free safety prospect in the 2005 draft. He might be a bit of a reach late in the first round but would be a great value anywhere in the second round.

* Player biographies are provided by Scouts Inc.


This is profile from Scouts Inc. on Pool but GJ & HAM , R44 and BIT are better experts!

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brodney pool is the best true safety in the draft - besides Dan Cody he was the only OK defender that really showed up in the championship game - he's flatout a playmaker - type of ballhawk that will go up for the pass - also a very active and tough hitter in run support with good range in coverage - a complete safety - the NYJ could do worse with their 26 pick -

lofa tatupu's future could be as a special teams dynamo like his pops - there are questions about his size, game speed (not track speed) and ability to shed blocks - he's a real tweener and not necessarily in a good way - all that being said he's the type of person that Paoli/Belly love - a smart, selfless overachiever

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