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Rex and the Jets disssed by Master Rapper Belichick


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Rex Ryan says he sensed 'sarcasm' in New England's praise of Jets

Friday, December 03, 2010, 4:09 PM

Earlier this week, there seemed to be a respect-fest between the Jets and the Patriots, with each praising the other's play and 9-2 record.

Jets coach Rex Ryan, though, didn't feel like the Patriots were being sincere.

"I know they say we are a great team, and I see the sarcasm," he said. "Well, they are going to find out if we are a great team or not, I can tell you that much."

Asked where he sensed sarcasm, Ryan continued.

"I just sense it, because they all have the same comment," he said. "That, 'Well, we'll just say this and this.' We're coming. We'll show up and see what happens."

Some of Ryan's players felt the same way. Fullback Tony Richardson said he saw Patriots soundbites on ESPN and wasn't buying what they were saying.

"I heard a few guys talking how great we were, and they never give us credit, so that’s a bunch of bull," Richardson said. "It is what it is. Playing a little Jedi mind tricks, that’s fine. You can talk all that stuff, but bottom line, you've still got to play the game. Doesn’t really faze me too much."

Defensive end Shaun Ellis said the Jets' experience under coach Eric Mangini, part of Bill Belichick's coaching tree, taught them to be wary of taking the Patriots' comments at face value.

"We know they try to feed us a lot of stuff they really don’t mean," Ellis said. "It's kind of like, you take it, but you've got to look at what's underlying it."

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yea I think I've watched every press conference Rex has had in 2010 and this one was MUCH different. He was shaken by the freak injury to Leonhard and then it seemed that he just got sick of having to say the nice things he has to say about Brady, Woodhead, Welker and Belichick when he knows that they're saying sh*t that they don't really mean or feel. Rex has had enough and wants to kick some a$$ for the obvious lack of respect he senses he's getting from up there.

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