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Sparano’s Florida home is up for sale


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Well if you’re interested in buying a house in Florida there’s an option that just became cheaper. New offensive coordinator Tony Sparano had to recently slash $100,000 of the asking price of his Davie, FL home putting the sales price currently $1,389,900. He slashed it because he wants to sell it quickly.


It's heated















According to the realtor.com listing the home has a lot of great things when looking for a home such as a heated in-ground pool, 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms,  dishwasher, snack bar, ice maker, smoke detectors and other things you’d expect in a $1.3 million home.

I would be in a rush to buy this house unless you’re desperate as houses in this range usually go for $913,000+ according to Realtor.com. The house also has a bunch of schools within a 5 mile radius so there’s always options.

If you’re interested contact the realtor, she’s listed on the realtor.com page.



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