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The Gun Of Bavaria

P.O.T.W. - 11.14.2012

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In honor of Mark Sanchez's pass progressions and decision making process, I decided to triple pump the POTW and release it a full 2 days late.

We haven't seen a week around here like this since......well, last season. I could choose from one of many long-winded rants that each and every one of you deserve to post with the ongoing debacle being played out in front of us.

But what we need this week is something short, sweet and humorous. I literally laughed out loud a little when I read this and love the comic relief it provides in between discussions of Rex, Sanchez and countless numbers of Tebow trolls.

Congratulations to stoicsentry

stoicsentry - Posted 13 November 2012 - 12:51 AM

We're already the only organization to run a 2 QB system... so I say 2 coach system. Rex and Gruden combined cannot be stopped.

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