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DT Grady Jarrett, 2015 5th Round pick signs 4 yr / $68M deal with Falcons

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I think the Patriots have proven that paying huge $ for DTs is a mistake. Rams had Donald & Suh and would not have made the Super Bowl without the refs help in New Orleans. 

Its a fine line with these mega contracts. Leo is not Donald or Jarrett so if he wants a contract equal to or better you trade his azz. Jets use to make this mistake all the time i.e. signing Wilkerson. You can't sign good players to great player contracts. That's why I have no problem with the Bell signing (he's a great player). We overplayed a bit for Mosely but again he's a great player. Leo is not a GREAT PLAYER. We'll find out soon if Quinnen Williams is a great player. I'm just happy we brought in Douglas, Savage & Hogan back. These are the people you need to make the hard decisions, instead of resigning your your BEST player because you suck at the draft & your best player is totally mediocre. 

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29 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Leo is nothing more than average. You don’t pay an average DT $17mm. I don’t care where he was drafted.

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Agreed. Especially since you now have Q.Williams. I'm sure Leo's agent was like rut roh when the Jets drafted Q. Suh is a better player than Leo & he hasn't been in the winners circle & is just playing the mercanary role. Rams should have used that Suh money to sign a bigger WR, once Kupp went down, Gurley was hobbled Goff was tossing to two shrimps in Cooks & Woods. Made it easy for the Pats defense to stymie them. 

Screw all this money going to defense, Douglas needs to fix our Oline & surround Sam with dynamic offensive players. Let's outscore those f*cking cheating Pats bastards. 

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