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Not Mafia 1: The Dungeon of Dread

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3 hours ago, Nolder said:

Just the names. The human's name was Caric and the halfling was Laurus. I actually typed the names out the fist time and then I was like hmm if I change that to CTM and Spoot that might make it a little more personal and interesting and invest them in the story a little more. Nothing else was changed or altered.


The right path? Well I've never read the book before so idk let me see if I can find it real quick.


Ok here's how I did it. At the very first option I checked the hole instead of the leaves BUT that eventually led me to the baboon after a series of other encounters. It looks like the trick might have been to leave the baboon alone. From there I went through a series of tunnels and got the same ending you just got but when I backtracked one choice and went down another tunnel, an option I don't think you guys had in your adventure, I finally got a choice to face Kalman or flee. After choosing to face him I end up in the room Spoot/Laurus saw in his story at the beginning with "all the worlds treasure" but Kalman wasn't there. If you choose to search the room you find him and have a fight and kill him but all the treasure is locked behind a door. If you don't have the key Spoot/Laurus picks the lock and you get all the treasure and have a happy ending. If you do have the key you unlock the door and get all the treasure and have a happy ending. So I guess you didn't need to deal with the water weird as long as you beat Kalman lol. If you go back to the option of the room and instead of search for Kalman you just try to pick the lock right away Kalman ambushes you and you flee the dungeon safely before he can kill you. In the forest Spoot/Laurus reveals he stole two large diamonds and gives you one and you vow to use the money to fund another expedition into the dungeon to kill Kalman.


So I don't know if it's possible to get to Kalman if you encounter the baboon, it might be, but that was just how I did it.

So killing the ape prevented us from winning the game?

worth it :yes:

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