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Draft Pick Film Room - Mekhi Bechton


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Re-enforces the same thoughts I've had on him before the draft. Needs to improve on hand technique and footwork. Because of that his biggest weakness is Pass Pro., particularly on stunts or when the defender fakes outside and goes inside (he opens up his body too much and he reaches/commits too much). Otherwise, he's an absolute monster physically and if he gets his hands on you properly, its game over. He's not just big and strong, he's athletic and fast. In the run game he's fast enough to make a big impact at the second level. In the pass game he covers a ton of ground due to his athleticism and length. 

I'm amazed with how raw and physically gifted he is that he did not draw a ton of penalties just by accident. 

Really excited about what Becton could become. A little coaching can go a long way with him. 

Personally. I think he starts off on the right side and competes with Edoga for the RT position. I think he wins out because of the edge he gives in the run game (one of Edogas weaknesses). Fant gets a legit shot to start on the left side.   

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46 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

He has no idea how to cut block, but otherwise he's a monster

Also, I'm intrigued by their RB, Javian Hawkins. Looks like a nice blend of power and speed, with good balance and body control

It's ironic. I was watching and wondering why the hell they were asking a guy that big to cut block. That being said, he showed some nice agility getting low enough to cut block at his size. 

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When I see the pancake block highlight reel of his he really looks more like a defensive player out there than any OL I can remember. He actually reminds me of Kris Jenkins with his sheer power out there. It’s fitting that he’s going to wear #77 for the team


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