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Chris Cornell Covers GNR's Patience

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18 minutes ago, Dcat said:

Wow.  That was great.  He is missed.

I play Audioslave for my kids sometimes. I had this playing on the laptop today and asked the wife if she recognized the voice.  While she was thinking about it my 6-year-old says "Like a Stone".

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11 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Love Cornell but that was terrible.

lol agreed, thank you.  Someone else sent this to me and I was like, this sucks.

That said, Im probably not the best judge because I do find Cornell to be incredibly overrated.   Never liked any of his music, Soundgarden sucked live, Audioslave was meh and his tone never changes unless it's to a yell. IDK never did it for me.  


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Cornell was amazing. This cover is hot garbage. Patience had a sway to it, a sad but hopeful feel to it. Besides the awful delay effects and industrial feeling of the composition, it only conveys the feeling of sadness with Cornell’s monotone style of delivery. By the 3rd verse I wanna slit my wrist. My suspicion is Cornell probably had a basic demo cover of Patience with just a guitar and his vocal that was bland due to his vocal style, so some producer the record company assigned to the song rewrote the music to his vocal track. Basically they’re gonna milk anything they have recorded tracks of is my guess.

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