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Jets Players Offer Conflicting Views of Life Under Adam Gase

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25 minutes ago, Biggs said:

The fact is the biggest whiner on the Jets about Gase  is Jamal Adams.  He also happens to be the best and hardest playing player from end to end on the team.  The facts simply don't line up with your agenda on Gase.   If Adams is your example of how it's impacting performance, you've got it backwards.  That's why I contend it doesn't matter.  I didn't see Adams dogging it on his way to being all pro under Gase.  

What I see is a player in the offseason trying to get paid out of frustration.  Basically an immature person who's a heck of a football player.  Since it hasn't impacted his play, I view it as noise.  You're simply making stuff up because you have an agenda against Gase.  

You're speculating to make up stuff to fit your agenda.  Now if you have any facts that a team full of players who love the boss impacts performance over time I would be interested in seeing it.  I love a good argument that changes my mind.  I haven't seen it.

Facts are my agenda.  Because the facts don't reflect well on Adam Gase is beond my control.

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6-2 over the last 8 weeks doesn't sound like a coach who lost his team.

Adams is right to want to leave.  Any player with any semblance of leverage wouldn’t want to play for Gase.   and to anyone saying it’s all about the money -  He has a list of teams with which he

I mean they brought in a first ballot no nonsense/football only player in Frank Gore who came here because of Gase, but yeah Jamal Adams. Get lost. The contract will come when you make more plays.

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Jamal Adams is like that cliche extraordinarily pretty girl in high school that is so intimidating...but once you get to know her, she’s got like an alcoholic dad that’s been diddling her since she’s 11 and she’s like royally mental.

Emphasis on girl.

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5 hours ago, Dcat said:

What previous players other than Adams, Landry and Ajayi have proclaimed their dislike of Gase?    Can you find more than three players?  Because you canprobably name every single NFL coach who has some players royally pissed.  It's part of the job.  Bleacher Report and non sourced articles without names and quotes don't count as evidence.

[edit: I see you posted a few more names after digging.  Congratulations.  Every NFL HC in the hiistory of the NFL can find players that don''t like them or their decisions.  This would go from HoF coaches to the 2 years and out ones as well.]

All the Gase arguments are hyperbole from the media.  Suckers.

To your point,  Bellicheck isnt considered a warm and lovable guy or a great communicator but he wins.  Are we looking for a funny likeable guy like Rex or a guy who will make players accountable and put them in position to make plays?

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