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kenny g and hunter


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6 minutes ago, PS17 said:

Henry is injury prone and has never gone over 650 yards - I'll pass. Would rather draft one of the second or third round tight end prospects. Yes to Kenny G. 

henry would be a massive upgrade for the jets even with any injury questions-it sounds nice to say draft one-when was the last time we drafted a pro bowl caliber te that worked out for us? I would rather go with a proven guy with upside 

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13 minutes ago, Guilhermezmc said:

Kenny Golladay and Zach Wilson would be a scary duo, I haven't see a college qb throw better 50-50 balls, his understand of leverage its of the charts.

Kenny G is a contested catch monster.

Not putting down Kenny G. He's a contested catch monster because he doesn't separate very often from defensive backs. What a huge mistake not signing Anderson back here 

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27 minutes ago, kmnj said:

I wanted the god but knew tampa would fa tag him

next up would be arob but I think he gets tagged too

so Joe go get Kenny G and Hunter Henry both are now free and both would be HUGE upgrades for us

I dont understand the whole lets get a TE crap...like what a waste...no TE is walkign in here and going to do well especially not one that rides the pine. I knwo we have money so lets spend it on more important positions not TE

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