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I have my receipt for "Game over in the 2Q for the" ...


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...12th time since coach Salesman took over. That's 10 last year and now 2 out of 3 this year. I am not counting last week even though they were hopelessly out of that game and had to get 2 miracles in order to win one, so its really 13 times, but will give them last week because they had to execute at the end. These are games where you know in Q2 that they are hopelessly out of it and have no chance to win or be competitive, you all know the feeling.

O Line awful. Wait, beyond awful. Every time I looked up Cincy was in our back field or sacking our QB.

QB awful but I think any QB would be awful behind this OL. Begs the question of next week and beyond, could get Zack re-injured running for his life behind this Swiss cheese.

Where is our esteemed running game? Michael Carter, Breece Hall? Zippo. Where is the offensive ingenuity? I see other teams with less talent running screen plays, slant passes, trick plays, anything to get the offense moving. Not us mainly because we cant protect the QB or open a hole for the running game.

OC awful. No adjustments. No ingenuity. Honestly looked like no preparation at all for this game. LaFleur taking a huge step backwards this season with supposedly more talent on this roster.

Defense...LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL - The only thing I can say about this is CAN WE GET SOMEBODY IN HERE ALREADY THAT CAN COACH DEFENSE FOR HEAVENS SAKES? This is game after game after game of the opponents marching up and down the field, putting games away before halftime because these guys can't stop a leak. The turnover they got against Chase in Q1 could have been overturned, shocked it wasn't. Where are these great pass rushers, Carl the invisible man Lawson? Michael Clemmons who I had to sit and listen to all Summer about how good he is? Jermaine Johnson? They had zero pass rush again when the game was in contest and gave a superstar QB an easy time with no pressure. A QB who was getting sacked 5 or 6+ times a game, they hardly touched him today. No adjustments ever. QW almost punched out the OL couch, but he (QW) was equally as invisible and has been all season. Superstar, my a$$.


Sorry, just disgusted watching this game for the last 10 years.


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