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Nice way to go into a Bye.

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12 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

The whole team stepped up. Best of all Zach stepped up in the pocket the entire game. I think this is the best 4 qrts of football for him to date. Nice rebound game for this team. Now let's go to NE and rip Macs head off. 

That's a roughing the passer penalty. Again. 

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15 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

One other thing. Zach is a pure pocket passer at this point. I don't  know if he will develop into a QB that can throw on the run but right now I want him in the pocket.  His passes are things of beauty when he sets his feet. 

This will be what, ultimately, decides his future. Since he was drafted, he’s needed to realize that, in order to be successful in this league, he needs to master the nuances of being a rhythmic pocket passer first, and use the mobility second, as an alternative weapon.  Up until this point, it’s felt like he’s just, stubbornly, tried to continue doing what he did at BYU with the flashy hero ball when things collapse, hence why his numbers in clean pocket vs pressure are otherworldly levels of drastic.  The problem is that this isn’t BYU and the opposition isn’t Houston (NCAA). 

I’m hoping that his success doing so today taught him that lesson and that he will continue to do so going forward.  We’ll see.

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24 minutes ago, 32EBoozer said:

Hoping by our next game Fant and Davis are back…. Perhaps Max Mitchell also! Keep the OL fresh and keep pounding the ball 

I don't  want them to change a thing after this game. The OL was stout. They gave Zach solid protection and we ran the ball with authority. Fant and Mitchell can be reserves right now. 

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Going into the bye with a win is huge... for us fans!  2 weeks to feel even better about the incredible first half of the season.

This has been the most exciting Jet's season since 2015... and this time the direction of the team feels more sustainable.

This is also an incredibly young group of rookies with talent and personalities that make it easy to root for them.  It's easy to root for G Wilson, Breece Hall (come back strong), Sauce Gardner, Jermaine Johnson, Michael Clemons, Max Mitchell...

In fact, the majority of the players on the team have endeared themselves to fans either through their deeds on the field and/or their camaraderie and comments off the field.

First time in a long time for me, that fans of other teams have been impressed with the direction of the Jets... and not in a patronizing way.

At the bye - there a several things that I'm excited about... and this may be controversial... but it feels like the first half of this season might be supporting broader alignment amongst fans:

  • An exceptionally competent GM, with a strong vision and process?!
  • A professional coaching staff; a staff that makes adjustments, takes risks, and has solid game management?!
  • A deep and stacked defensive line that actually produces sacks and pressures?! 
  • A secondary that actually intercepts passes, led by an exceptionally talented rookie and a great FA signing?!
  • Dynamic play making weapons on offense?
  • A functional offensive line despite losing/missing 4 tackles and best offensive linemen?!
  • Special teams that produce big moments / value?!
  • Decent depth of talent in the roster?!
  • Strong winning team culture and belief...with actual WINs?!


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