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Your 2022 JetNation Champion is......

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33 minutes ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

What were the final standings in the free league ?

Top ten was:


IJ 69 pts

Fantasy Island 60.5 pts

Bugg 57 pts

Sam Sam 56 pts

DoitNY 53.5 pts

Hawk 52 pts

Barkus 51 pts.

PFsikh 48.5 pts.

Ham88 47.5 pts.

Nyjcap2 46.5 pts.

GoAwayWoody 46.5 pts.

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2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

Congratulations. I was within striking distance in the paid pickem until I missed a week and gave up.

Put it all on red.

It's more likely I will put it all on a redhead....?


I got on a monster roll from week 10 on.  I think I went 34-11 or something like that in the free league.

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On 1/12/2023 at 6:59 AM, IndianaJet said:




As some of you might recall, @Maxman set up Survivor and Pickem leagues for members this year.

There were free options and premium options ($20 per entry in each in the premium leagues)

Max was also kind enough to award a $100 prize to first place in both the free Pickem and Survivor league.

Your 2022 Champs for each league were:

Premium Survivor:  IndianaJet

Free Survivor:  IndianaJet

Premium Pickem:  IndianaJet (Overall record 48-37-5/13-4-1 Best Bets)

Free Pickem:  IndianaJet (Overall record 56-30-4/12-5 Best Bets)

Clean sweep baby!


Thanks again to Max for setting these up (and for his prompt payment).  All total, I took down a cool $560 by sweeping the contests.

Now...off to Vegas.....

Can we get a copy of your picks this year publicly and perhaps before betting closes?

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