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RIP Uncle Paulie aka Burt young aka high pitch’s nemesis

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ok so i get a call to pick up at the garden city hotel late 80s?. Fancy place and i know people there. they are making a big deal about it and they escort this short gruff guy into the cab. i recognized him, but not sure from where. at thgis time, the gotti trial was big news going on. I somehow thought MOB. I ask him where he is going he says BAY RIDGE. I'm thinking MOB. We leave and its quiet. I get a call to pick up another person just down the road also going to brooklyn. this was common practice at the cab company to share rides so dont ask. i tell this guy "hey im gonna pick up this guy down the block but i will drop you off first. then the fun begins. and arm comes from the back seat and puts me in a headlock. i stop. he pinches my cheeks and turns my head to see his face in my face "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM????" i said no. he releases me and says" drop me off at this restaurant" OK so now im convinced its MOB because its an italian restaurant and its almost next door to castro convertables where gotti killed his neighbor that killed his son on a minibike. 

i pull in. he gets out and throws a 20 at me and says "you work for me you make real money!" I am thinking MOB 100%. for some strange reason i sheepishly ask who are you. he says BURT YOUNG. and walks into the restaurant. I drive away kinda shaken and radio in to my dispatcher what happened. he says "you idiot thats pauly from rocky!" then it all clicked and i recognized him. 

so now i am a few blocks away. my fear turns to crazy rage that i just let some bum actor do that to me. the cab turns around and i go back to the restaurant to punch him in the jaw with all my might. I was PISSED OFF. seriously, a special kind of pissed off that i never felt before. i felt raped, violated....I was out for blood. I get baCK TO THE place park the car and go in and looked around and asked for him but he left.


Thats PART 1.


Parts 2: Ive told this story a million times and I STILL had this feeling that one day I was gonna find him and even though ive calmed down I was 100% gonna grab his fat cheeks and shove his head back at a minimum and tell him to f off

fast forward 20+ years later. around 2011. I am with friends in elmont at a german beer garden event. Someone tells me oh you wont believe who is here.....BURT YOUNG. i say no way. he says yea in the baqck signiong autographs with his family. I told my buddy come watch me slap that f'er in the jaw in front of his kids.....

so i go to the back and there he is. only thing is, father time was not kind to him. he was WAY older WAY frailer. i mean he was an OLD man. Even when he was in my cab he looked old, but that age where you still look ok, just before you really start aging. well, now he is a real old man. So I walked up to him. I said "do u remember me" he says no. i tell him that i have been looking for him for over 20 years to knock his teeth out. suddenly the smile leaves his face and he looks concerned. Thing is.....it was hard for me to do anything. this was an OLD GRANDPA in front of me. so hes looking at me sort of uncomfortable and I say "let me remind you of how we know each other" and i told the story above. well, this f'er starts laughing like a mental patient and says...."hold on, let me get my grandaughter....please retell everything you said" so here comes the grandaughter, who was like my age btw, and i tell it again and this guy is laughing like hes heard the funniest joke of all time. I told him that i came to smack him and he said he understood and i could smack him and that fwit he was sorry and he was drinking heavy back in those days and he hugged me and we took a pic together, which sadly i lost

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