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Questions for Jets Beat Writer Randy Lange


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As you know, I co-host a 100% commercial-free, absolutely no one makes a dime from it, Sports Talk radio show on Long Island. Tomorrow night (6/15), we are having Jets beat writer Randy Lange from the Bergen Record on live with us again. Randy will be reporting from Hofstra after the 1st day of Minicamp.

As I've done in the past (and you've been nice enough to post some good ones), please post questions that you'd like us to ask Randy regarding the team. As you know by now, we do ask them and then pass along the audio (and a little transcript of discussion topics).

If you're in the listening area, he'll be on live with us from 9PM to 10PM on Nassau County's 90.3FM. We're not yet webcast, but I'll post the interview as soon as humanly possible to


You've helped to make Randy's appearances our most downloaded interviews ever, so thanks in advance. And, if you know any Jets fans in the listening area, please give them a head's up.

As always, thanks.

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Rank the top Jet fansites. The focus being on overall knowledge of the collective communitites.

Obviously JetNation is first. I am just curious to see who comes in 2, 3 and 4.


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:Typotux: Does it look like they're going to use BT at OLB ?

:D First impressions from the rookie OLs ?

:character42: Did they figure out how to put a bionic leg on Nugent ?

:yawn: Considering his peers - Does Westhoff look too old ?

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Nellie's Place. Holy **** man I go there every week, once or twice. Do you know Eric, Mark and Sandy? (Bartenders) and the owner (Chris)? Great f'n guys!

u a waldwick guy Raoul?

i went to waldwick high,,graduated in 1970...

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