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JI Over The Moon


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Last night, I had a dream

I found myself in a desert called: JetsInsider

It was hot, my keg had sprung a leak and I was sober.

Out of the abyss walked a sheep, Soothsayer

I asked if he had anything to drink

He said, "I'm forbidden to produce beer. At JI we only drink KOOL AID."

Only thing to do is jump over to JN.

Sooth closed everything real down

Like free chat and decent content and worthwhile tailgating

And replaced it all with press passes and rules and a $55 subscription fee.

But there is a way out

(leap of faith, leap of faith)

Only thing to do is jump over to JN

IIIIIIIIIII've gotta get out of JI!

It's like I'm being tied to the hood of an Army surplus transporter

Being packed in with Limo, and Troop 16H

Pushed over a cliff by a sellout website publisher

Only thing to do is jump over to JN

Then, a little sports reporter walked in

His name, we have learned, is Cannizzaro

And although he once had principles

He abandoned them to live as a lapdog to the flustrated "Coach" of the Kansas City Chiefs

"That's bull," he said

"Ever since Herm took over the Chiefs that team's been - jumping"

The run blocking and pass protection were evicted from the team and eloped

He's had trouble with the run and the pass ever since

Maybe its an ineptitude thing

'Cause who'd want to leave JI anyway?

Fees ain't so bad

The membership and the post count, for instance, they're down on their luck

They come knocking on my locker-room door and i say,


The only way out is up

Max whispered to me, ""Sill thirsty?"


"Have some suds."

So I sat myself beside him, and held my lips beverage he offered

And gulped the sweetest brew I have ever tasted

"CLIMB ON BOARD!" Max said

And as a harvest moon rose over JN, we huddled up

We sprang into a 5-receiver set

Running over the goal line, i awoke screaming

(leap of faith, leap of faith)

"Only thing to is jump over to JN!"

Carry on...

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TROOP 16H ROCKS!!!! The tailgate has nothing to do with Sooth. he just promotes it. General Lee is TROOP 16H and is a great guy!!! TROOP 16H is not Limo's either...

DUDE everyone knows the pecking order at ji.

first its sooth. then its limo




limo your boss





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Watch out now, take care

Beware of falling swingers

Dropping all around you

The pain that often mingles

In your fingertips

Beware of darkness

Watch out now, take care

Beware of the thoughts that linger

Winding up inside your head

The hopelessness around you

In the dead of night

Beware of sadness

It can hit you

It can hurt you

Make you sore and what is more

That is not what you are here for

Watch out now, take care

Beware of soft shoe shufflers

Dancing down the sidewalks

As each unconscious sufferer

Wanders aimlessly

Beware of Shi*sprayer

Watch out now, take care

Beware of greedy leaders

They take you where you should not go

While Weeping Atlas Cedars

They just want to grow, grow and grow

Beware of Shi*sprayer

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