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Anybody watching Rutgers?


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This was only the second Rutgers game I have watched. I watched the second half of the Louisville game and he looked pretty good in that so I guess I assumed he was decent.

Lucky for us he hasn't had to throw much at all, but Cincy's got some big bodies to stack that box. Teams have been trying to force us to pass for a while now because they know we're vulnerable @ QB.

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He played like complete garbage today. Is this the first good defense they have gone up against this year?

USF has a relatively good D (Ranked 30s in yards allowed- slightly ahead of Cincy) and Rutgers barely got by them.

That Rutgers made it to 9-0 with Teel as a QB is a testament to the D and Rice.

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I could never understand why they sat Hart last year. I figured it was so Teel would be ready to go this year. Ooops, guess I was wrong.

This goes back to my pleas on the RU-Lv gamethread, where I was imploring Schiano to run the ball more, and not expect his QB to win the game for him.

When they passed more in the first half, they were losing. Although they were behind in the second half, they ran the ball more and made the big comeback.

This team is all about running the ball and defense.

Last night?

20 rushes

42 pass attempts.

They think they are something hey are not, and they let the opponents force them to key on their weakness- throwing the ball.

Still, almost making it to Thanksgiving before dropping a game is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Rutgers is a good not great team -Ray Rice carried them so far with the defense playing well. Teel is just not very good-I am still amazed he outplayed Brohm in the Louisville game. nThey will go to a decent bowl game which is progress for them and help recruiting

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