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Sox fans--speak no more, look in the mirror


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Your pitching is horrendous.

You guys probably haven't noticed. Anyone see the game tonight? Wells looked real good.

So quick to criticize the Yanks but can't seem to look in your own backyard.

Schilling - Done.

Wells - pffffffffffft.

Miller - will he ever pitch??

Arroyo - who cares.

Other than that your one decent starter is Wakefield. Have fun.

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What team was barely above .500 in July and still won the title?


Given the situation surrounding the Sox with the personnel turnover, Schil's injury and the questionable signing of Wells, a slow start was expected.

The Skanks should be thankful the Sox bullpen has been spotty optherwise they would be about 5 games out.

The bottomline like all the Sox fans here have been saying, it is still early. If Schill is still pitching like crap and Wells is still alternating being one team's bitach and another's nightmare in JUly I will be a little more concerned.

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